Holiday-loving Russ and Traci Hendricks have always delighted in the warmth and festive sparkle of their Christmas tree. They liked the lights and colors so much that they wished for a way to enjoy their decorated tree year round. They made their wish come true by starting Tree-Kits, a unique and innovative company that helps make Christmas trees more useful and beautiful than ever before.

Tree-Kits was conceived one fine Cobb County winter when Russ Hendricks decided he did not want to take down the lovely Christmas tree. As January wore on, he took the Christmas themed lights off of the tree and replaced them with a simple configuration of only red, pink, and white lights. As if by magic, a Valentine’s Day tree was born. Having updated the tree’s seasonal theme, Russ enjoyed it for several more weeks. He noted the Valentine’s Day tree received glowing compliments from visitors to his home.

Of course from Valentine’s Day, the natural progression of Tree-Kits was to create themed decorations for all of the celebrated holidays - St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and back to Christmas. From that inspired idea of varied holiday tree themes, Tree-Kits has taken on a life of its own, and grown to provide a full catalogue of themed tree decorating kits.

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